In June, the 26th of 2020 the R&D TRICE project, funded by the H2020 research program in the context of Iot4ndustry- – ended. The smart sensing machine has been fully and successfully tested and validated in an industry production plant of the JDEUS partner in Portugal and can be applied to many industrial sectors.

The IoT smart sensing machine comes with a rugged electrical cabinet that can be easily moved in the shopfloor. It has to be connected to the machine PLC to be monitored and power supplied. Two industrial cameras are also available to inspect relevant part of the industrial process. On an industrial PC, the datalogger SW, the OPC-UA protocol and a DB allows to continuously acquire and store the process data available from the PLC. An intuitive dashboard allows users to log sensible production parameters, observe trends and statistics, like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Thanks to all MESAP team for the support.

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