Novasis Innovazione designs, develops, and integrates turnkey vision systems as tools for mechatronic control for process control in multiple industrial sectors i.e. automotive and industrial (packaging, food, etc). In particular, the company, supported by a decade of experience in lighting and motion control, develops innovative algorithms, both sequential and based on deep learning for image processing (also multispectral).
Artificial intelligence applied to industrial vision can find benefits in particular for the detection of anomalies (anomaly detection) and surface defects. By acting as a integrator, it provides the most appropriate technological solutions to meet the customer’s application needs. Cameras, illuminators and controllers are selected taking into account, in addition to performance, industrial requirements for robustness and availability over lifetime. Among other projects, Novasis Innovazione successfully develops robot guidance with path planning, geometric controls and non-contact surface inspections, quality controls (including painting), OCR and OEM vision products that can be integrated into standard customer machines.

The main brands used are KEYENCE, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS and BASLER. Our systems are also equipped for remote support and connection with production management systems enabling Industry 4.0. When required, thanks to strong mechanical design know-how, Novasis can provide complete systems of small automation, handling (axes and robots), pneumatic systems up to line controllers (PLCs) programming.
Normally, machine vision systems are supplied complete with electrical panel with operator interface monitor, industrial PC or embedded controller, UPS, I/O and communication interfaces to the PLC (eg PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT).
Some electro-optic labs allow for feasibility studies in a wide spectral band extending from the UV-VIS to the far infrared. The main equipments used are cameras 2D and 3D, lenses, illuminators, optical filters, handling aids. The new Tech-Vision Lab, created to promote open innovation, is dedicated to vision and robotics and is equipped with a robot, vision systems for bin-picking and conveyor belt.

Increased vision and measurement systems sold in the last three years
Feasibility studies become industrial applications