Contactless measurement technology

Novasis Innovazione integrates two technologies for its non-contact measurement and metrology systems:

    • Triangular laser heads (3D metrology)
      The principle of operation is the triangulation laser. A line (or point) is projected onto the object and is reflected back on the image sensor. Due to the angle between the line (or point) and the image sensor, the reflected light is captured on the image sensor in different positions depending on the height of the object at each point. The 3D sensor can then measure the contour (or distance) of the object. Thanks to the relative movement between the object and the 3D sensor, the 3D model of the entire object is created. This type of sensors can provide 3D map of scoring points and contour height in real coordinates (mm).
    • Matrix cameras combined with telecentric optics and backlight illumination (2D metrology)
      This technique consists in creating the image of the object to be measured in a black field on a white background and reconstructing its contours using edge detection algorithms.

Misure non a contatto

To obtain this Novasis Innovazione uses:

  • High-resolution matrix cameras optimized on the field of view so that the measurement resolution meets the requirements
  • Telecentric (optical) lenses that assure the stability of the magnification factor (no perspective error), reduced distortion, reduced perspective errors, and no uncertainty about the contour position
  • Backlight illumination with diffused LED light or telecentric LED light to ensure perfect light coupling, reduced edge effects and increased depth of field.