Products and applications for non-contact measurement systems

This section contains a summary of case history, products and solutions developed.

Machine vision systems for car seat sliders production

Machine vision systems for car seat sliders production

For a manufacturer of automatic assembly production lines and a French Tier-1 automotive supplier Novasis Innovazione has developed some vision systems for the production of seat guides. A station is dedicated to the non-contact measurement of the safety component called “ball stopper” in order to ensure that the measurement of end strokes are in tolerance. The identified solution  is a backlight illumination with matrix camera and telecentric optics.
– resolution: 0.01 mm
– repeatability: circa 0.02 mm

Non-contact dimensional control systems for hubs and pulleys.

Non-contact dimensional control systems for hubs and pulleys.

For a manufacturer of automatic production assembly lines Novasis Innovazione has designed and manufactured some vision systems to analyse hub and pulley assemblies at various stages of their production.
The solution for non-contact measurement of the pulley profile is to use telecentric backlight lighting combined with a matrix camera with telecentric optics too. The thickness measurement of rubber rings is carried out with two laser triangulation sensors.
To ensure the measurement on 360°, the rotation of the workpiece has been provided. An industrial PC is used to capture raw (analog) data and perform the necessary calculations for measurements.
– resolution: 0.01 mm,
– bias and repeatability: 0.04 mm

heat-exchangers and condenser fin forming machine

Fin-height measurement system

An heat exchanger or a condenser core is made of many corrugated fins and tubing. The system, based on displacement laser sensors and installed in the aluminum fin forming machine in a heat exchanger assembly line, is able to measure fin heights with accuracy up to 5 micron and repeatability of  ±1 micron

laser measurement of braking pads

In line measurement system of automotive braking pads

The measurement system is based on two laser measurement sensors and a linear motor stage with controller and electrical cabinet. It enables the measurement of the distance between the  external points of the pads (outer diameter) with an accuracy of about 10um


Machine vision system for the dimensional measurement of automotive safety systems components

The machine vision system is part of a automated EOL sorting machine that process 6000 pcs/hrs. It is based on three cameras, telecentric lenses and backlight illuminators. Novasis support customer also for PLC programming and MSA type 1 and 3 analysis.

Accuracy measurement: < 0,026 mm

Precision measurement: < ±0,020  mm


Vision system for the measurement of electrohydraulic valves

Machine vision system for the measurement and dimensional check of the incision of electrohydraulic valves. Analysis and measurement of the thickness, concentricity and internal and external diameters of the valve incision.

Measurement precision: 0.005mm

wire insulation inspection machine

Automatic control system for the measurement of the wrapping pass of taped wires

The machine vision system is integrated in a special machine and is based on a camera and a circular illuminator. The camera acquisition is synchronized with the rotation of the taped wire. Images are processed using a real-time controller. The machine vision system is reconfigurable in order to be adapted to taped wires of different dimensions and sections.

profilometro quote

Heat Exchanger Tubes Profile Measurement System
This is an innovative and world-class system that allows the simultaneous measurement and gauging of the profile and length of heat exchanger tubes in production line.
The main features are:
· Accuracy: <15μm
· Repeatability: <5μm
· Non contact measurement with laser heads
· Manual load, offline measurement in production floor
· The mechanical clipping system of the tubes allows the measurement of oval, circular, folded B, etc. tubes
· Suitable for angular installation
· Customizable User Interface
· Access to SW based on privilege levels, from user to administrator
· All components (PC, printer, cabin, etc.) are suitable for use in industrial environments
· Output: paper report, 3G / GPRS connectivity
(Industry 4.0)
The major product distinctions are:
· Measurement of the profile and length of tubes produced by a tube mill without any length limitations in a single measurement cycle
· 3D reconstruction of the tube: tubular profiles obtained at different dimensions allow to measure deformations
· New tube models can be measured simply by adding new job recipes
· Complete customization of quantities to be measured, starting from the point cloud of the acquired profile
· A set of certified measured tubes available to handle customer quality procedures (optional)

ispezione laminati

Dimensional control of slabs of laminates in line
The developed application allows you to measure in-line production the thickness of the three-point slabs, the sliders in the vertical direction and deformations (boat, flexion). The solution uses three pairs of laser heads capable of making a differential measurement to calculate the thickness of the plate. The laser head controller provides outputs to the line PLC.

misura posizione LED su PCB

LED position measurement system on PCB
The system consists of an automatic optical inspection station for a production line based on high definition matrix camera, with PCB controller and handling with high precision linear guidance system. The innovative lighting system developed allows for high contrast between the LEDs (die) and the fiducials of the PCBs. Multiple acquisition allows you to accurately measure the accuracy of 5sigma <10μm, repeatability 2sigma <4μm, the placement of the LED phosphor center at the fiducials.

misura broccie

Broaches measurement system
The measuring system allows to detect the dimensional characteristics of a broom (tooth height, depth breaks, but mainly to check the tooth walls) by means of a cross-scan to the axis of the broom. The check is done in line with accuracy <10um using a laser sensor cupled with a linear stage to perform the scan. The system has been designed to be transportable in order to carry out measurements on different machines.

Controllo dimensionale connettori automotive

Dimensional control of automotive connectors
The optical dimensional control system allows you to measure the height of the metal teeth of the in-line connectors, with a 2s cycle time, automatically managing the offset of the pieces out of tolerance. The system uses a laser blade head capable of scanning long connectors up to 30mm.