Contactless measurement systems

Novasis Innovazione designs and develops industrial solutions for contactless measurement and on-line/off-line optical dimensional control, 2D and 3D metrology and gauging systems (also compatible with sorting systems). Starting from customer needs and demands, we offer systems for contactless measurement based on two types:

  • Integrated on the production line, through measuring stations, turntables, etc.
  • In off-line mode, automatic or semi-automatic for sample measurement.

The main feature of the systems Novasis Innovazione proposes is the high repeatability of the measurements, which allows, by means of accurate calibration to obtain high accuracy.

The extensive knowledge of MSA measurement systems and the evalutation of the uncertainty influence on measurement results allows Novasis Innovazione to support customers in defining the resolution of the measuring instrument required for each application. Novasis Innovazione has also gained specific expertise in scanning exported closed profiles in CAD-compatible formats. The main measurable features are lengths, diameters, depth of objects, even from virtual points identified by circumference centers, straight line extensions, etc.