On Monday, 21th November, 2016 at the Fiat Research Center, the kick off meeting of the Green Factory for Composites project, Intelligent Workshop was held. The project aims to find innovative manufacturing solutions to increase the use of high performance composite polymeric materials in an environmentally friendly manner (factory and not only), combining technical cost / investment benefits, high impact sustainability Environmental and energy.
Novasis Innovazione will study control methods for the thermoplastic matrix molding plant demonstrator.

The project is developed in partnership with CRF, Adler, Sparco, Comau, Prima Electro, M.Marelli Suspensions, Eltek, CSP, UN. TORINO, POLY TORINO, ECNP, Gallicchio Molds, 2Gamma, Simpro, Sacel, Proplast, ByLogix, Moden, TechSystem, AC Graf, Grinp, Enginsoft, Verplast, Ingenia A.