Products and applications of machine vision systems

This section contains a summary of case history, products and solutions already developed.

Machine vision solutions for battery production

Novasis developed several machine vision systems for the manufacturing process of cells and batteries:

1) machine vision station for the cell surface inspection and 2D code reading based on a conveyor, linear cameras and proprietary vision algorithms;
2) vision station for the battery module and tab inspections;
3) vision robot guidance for busbar mounting and cell welding gauging;
4) laser based 3D system for battery pack welding inspection;
5) 3D machine vision system for cell palletizing

3D automatic vision inspection system

Automatic 3D machine vision system (AOI) for the in-line inspection of soldering leads for automotive temperature sensors

The automatic vision inspection system use, for the first time in Italy, the Keyence 3D vision sensor XR-HT15M in production line for the measurement and quality check of the soldering leads, parts of the automotive temperature sensors. The turnkey inspection system is provided to electrical cabinet, HMI with production statistics, connectivity to line PLC, MES and remote assistance (Industry 4.0 ready). 

Sistema di riconoscimento automatico multispettrale di difetti in macchina di soffiaggio bottiglie PET

Automatic multispectral machine vision system for surface defect inspection in PET blowing machine

The machine vision system is based on two IR and one VIS cameras suited to detect surface defects like inclusions, holes, bubbles, etc. As part of the PET blowing production machine (9600pcs/hrs), it is a turnkey solution completed with electrical cabinet, machine vision controllers and I/O for the PLC communication and sorting.

Sistema di visione OEM per macchine di stampa vision system for printing machines, OMET MULTIVISION

OEM vision system for printing machines, MULTIVISION version

The MULTIVISION system provides a Color-to-Color automatic register adjustment and control based on a multiple camera scanning system.

It  controls both machine and cross side of each single printing unit in real time (printing velocity up to 200m/min). The MULTIVISION system has been chosen as OEM component by OMET, it’s entirely  manufactured at the Novasis Innovazione facilities and is supplied pre-calibrated to allow quick installation in every machine.

Autoguida robot 3D per la dispensazione automatica di sigillante 3D Robot guidance for Sealant Dispensing System

3D Robot guidance for Sealant Dispensing System

The application measures the 3D position of the engine flywheel and  give the coordinates to a collaborative robot for its trajectory adjustment and the correct sealant dispense. The application system is also able to inspect the sealant bead  to ensure the correct placement, size and shape.

controllo codice visione

Thermographic measurement system for hot plate welding

The system comprises an electrical cabinet, industrial PC, monitor and connectivity (to PLC and for remote assistance). The thermographic measurement system is based on two thermal cameras, installed next to the welding station.

Conveyor tracking e ispezione visiva di perline diamantate optical inspection of diamond wire saw beads

Conveyor tracking and optical inspection of diamond wire saw beads

The machine vision system is based on two linear cameras, telecentric lenses and laser illumination. Saw beads coordinates are communicated to two KUKA robots for the pick and place of only good pieces.

Production rate: 50k pcs/day

Beads diameter tolerance: ± 0,1mm

Beads height tolerance: ± 0,5mm

Sistema di visione per ispezione di lastre su linea di produzione Machine vision system for the inspection of composite sheets in production line

Machine vision system for the inspection of composite sheets in production line

Two linear cameras and illumination systems are placed inside a mechanical isolated gate installed on the production conveyor line. The vision system is able to automatically detect holes, creases, bubbles, etc. communicating to the line PLC for sorting.

Sistema di collaudo visivo end-of-line End-of-line morphological checking system

End-of-line morphological checking system

The system is inclusive of a vibrating feeder, conveyor line, machine vision system and pneumatic sorting. The machine vision system performs the morphological and presence/absence checking of plastic springs at 150 pcs/min rate.

controllo codice visione

Machine vision system for the morphological checking of automotive mechanism

The machine vision system is based on three cameras, three backlight illuminators, industrial PC, electrical cabinet  with monitor for the morphological checking of hand brake levers mechanism on production line.

controllo codice visione

Model / Code Recognition System
The vision system recognizes the embossed code on the evaporator flank (hollow binary code) and communicates it to the production line control PLC via Industrial Ethernet.

HMI scarico forno conveyor tracking

Conveyor tracking for evaporators pick & place
The vision system must provide the robot with the coordinates (x, y) of the evaporator position to be picked up on the belt, the rotation relative to its center (θ), the distance between the sides (W) and the pick-up condition (proximity or overlapping). All this information is sent to the PLC (via S7 protocol) and directly to the robot for the conveyor tracking synchronization signal. In addition to the power board where the PC is compiled. The system consists of two linear cameras with respective lens, two LED illuminators and a portal support structure.

Robot Denso autoguida

Robot guidance for evaporator assembly line
The vision system has the function of guiding the robot during insertion into the connection of the sealed test gripper.
The system consists of a camera equipped with a high-resolution monochrome sensor, a suitable optic and a circular led illuminator positioned by means of special brackets on the robot’s wrist.
The system, by moving the camera on a robot pulley, calculates the robot path for subsequent approximations by providing the x, y, z information for centering the caliper.
The interaction between robots and vision system is direct. For communication, we rely on the PLC to enable / disable the vision system, inspection result, shift offset.

Controllo assenza e presenza guarnizioni

Seal/absence check for gaskets, fastening levers and defects
The application consists of two vision systems positioned on two revolving boards. In the first, the vision system is positioned above the place where the operator performs the positioning of the gaskets. In the second, four cameras are positioned on a removable support to allow station tuning. Defects control is obtained by comparing the acquired images and a template

controllo qualità stampaggio

Quality control on plastic molding machine
The application consists of a multi-camera system, integrated on-board injection molding machine, for inspecting cable tie straps of different colors and for managing the results of the inspection (pass/fail) of a printed ties. You can also save captured images and modify the parameters for managing waste prints.
The system is suitable for integration on all molding machines and is an example of integration on standard production machines that can be replicated and usable as an additional tool, not only for users but also for machine manufacturers.

visualizzazione per macchine montaclichè

Display system for platemounter machines
The display system for two cameras (GigE or USB3.0) allows customization of the UI. The software is able to: Manage pre-defined ROIs and patterns on images, work files, generate reports, allow alignment between camera image and user-set reference, and measure any defects starting from a simple calibration process, optical zoom and digital zoom, etc.

color registration vision camera

OEM vision system for printing machines, iVISION version
The task of the iVision system is to recognize a reference graphic, or cross-mark, printed in various colors on a glossy white paper.
The system consists of “vision heads” (one for each print roller, made up of a plastic casing inside which there is a lens camera and an ad hoc illumination designed to be integrated into the machine.
The visual system, in addition to the “optical group”, is complemented by an industrial PC on which the image processing program with dedicated graphic interface is installed. The IVision system has been chosen as OEM component by OMET, it’s entirely  manufactured at the Novasis Innovazione facilities and is supplied pre-calibrated to allow quick installation in every machine.

Autoguida robot montaggio plancia

Robot guidance for dashboard mounting line
The application allows you to check the presence or absence of clamps intended to be securing screws and anchor inserts for the details that will be mounted later to complete the dashboard. The vision system is comprised of an “optical group” (camera, optics, illuminator) mounted on the robot wrist, and is complemented by an electrical cabinet containing an industrial PC on which the image processing program is installed. The PC communicates with the S7 protocol to the PLC that manages the line. The vision system allows you to work in continuous moving mode (captured image while the robot is in motion) for cycle time optimization.

ispezione geometrica

In-line geometric inspection system for checking pin integrity on press mold
The system consists of a 3D laser head (laser blade) that guarantees, acquiring 32kHz, up to 200mm to 4m / s. The system is supplied with an electrical cabinet with laser controller, industrial PC and interface for communication with the line PLC.

riconoscimento colore bottiglie

Vision system for color recognition and type of plastic bottle preforms
The vision system consists of a high-resolution matrix camera and a backlighting system. Dedicated image processing algorithms allow to statistically evaluate color and shape variations by means of thresholds.

difetti statori

Automatic vision detection system for stators defects
The application consists of a rotating table in which two stations are dedicated to controlling stator defects with 5s cycle time. The inspection is done with three matrix cameras, in a fixed position and a ring illuminator for each camera. The system is supplied complete with electric panel and custom user interface.

Sistema visione assemblaggio bilancieri

Vision system for checking the correct assembly of rockers
The system consists of 2 “vision heads” arranged in succession, for the simultaneous analysis of two punteries.
The heads consist of a compact optic set (camera, lens, illuminator) connected to a signal amplifier.
The vision system is complemented by an industrial PC, which houses the PLC communication protocol program and the image visualization interface.