Gas sensors

Stimulated by market demand that requires gas sensors characterized by high repeatability, accuracy, competitive pricing and customer-focused technical support, Novasis Innovazione has designed and developed the Novagas infrared gas sensor, suited to measure the concentration of pollutant and toxic gases, including CO2, CO, CH4 (also biogas), HC, SO2, N2O, NO, etc. The IR optical sensors are based on the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique and allow the measurement of gas concentration from few ppm to 100% vol. The sensors are produced entirely at the Pont St. Martin facility, in which there is a dedicated laboratory equipped with instrumentations like gas diluters – capable of producing mixtures between two gases and obtaining different concentrations that are used to calibrate and linearize the response curve of sensors – climatic cell for temperature characterization and also laser drivers, controller temperature and optical cells of various lengths for the development of TDLAS-based sensors.

Novasis Innovazione provides its customers with gas sensors for integration into analyzers mainly for environmental applications (air quality monitoring, landfill control, water treatment), industrial (petrochemical and process control) and medical (technical gas purity).

Novasis Innovazione guarantees its customers pre and post-sales support. Please contact us for information even if you do not find the gas and the range you want. Perhaps we are already developing it!

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